General Questions

What is the B Corp Champions Retreat?

Champions Retreat is an annual global gathering of people working together to advance the B movement. The three-day Retreat is packed with community-led panels, interactive break-out sessions and workshops, and networking opportunities. The goal is to affirm and advance the goals and activities that will help us achieve our collective vision of a shared and durable prosperity. The Retreat is the best time to connect with your fellow B Corps in person, share best practices, and connect with the movement.

Why is it called a Retreat?

We intentionally call it a retreat and not a conference because we encourage attendees to come with the mindset of spending three days diving deep into what it means to be a part of the B Corp community and how collectively B Corps can work together to further the movement.  We hope that Champions Retreat attendees will be active and engaged participants and will walk away feeling refreshed, connected, and energized for the year ahead.

Where and when is Champions Retreat

The Champions Retreat is held in the fall, typically in late September or early October. As we aim to reach and highlight different communities working towards inclusive economies and advancing the B movement, the location and exact date of Champions Retreat changes each year. We’ve traveled to Boulder, CO, Burlington, VT, Half Moon Bay, CA and Portland, OR, and Toronto, ON.

Who goes to Champions Retreat? Who will I meet?

All members of the B Economy are invited to attend Champions Retreat. While the majority of attendees are employees of Certified B Corps, we also invite partners using the BIA & B Analytcs, B Academics, social impact organizations and business local to the community we will be visiting. There will also be a large number of global B Lab staff in attendance. 

What does the schedule look like?

Champions Retreat is three days long. The breakdown of each day is listed below. A more detailed version of this schedule will be available closer to the Retreat.

  • Day One:
    • Morning/Afternoon: (Optional) Opening day service, tour or activity
    • Evening: Opening Reception
  • Day Two:
    • Morning: Kickoff plenary, break-out sessions, unconference and more
    • Evening: Awards Dinner & (optional) After party
  • Day Three:
    • Morning: Break-out sessions, unconference and more
    • Afternoon: Closing Sessions
    • Evening: (Optional) New Orleans exploration activities 

How can I get involved?

Our B Corp community is one of the strongest around! We’re grateful for the many B Corps who have contributed to bring the Retreat to life each year. Here are just a few ways you and your company can jump in:

  • Swag/giveaways: Create co-branded Retreat giveaways using the Champions Retreat branding.
  • Donations: Send B Lab product donations like small snacks to be served during breaks.
  • Sponsorship: Sponsor Champions Retreat or B Inspired
  • Unconference: Host and organize an unconference session.Unconference creates open space to connect on your favorite topics-some to be proposed in advance and others proposed onsite.

Please pay close attention to emails from championsretreat@bcorporation.net for when to take advantage of these opportunities.

Is it possible to be a speaker?

Nobody likes to spend three days listening to other people talk at them! In order to make our Retreat as interactive as possible, we try to limit the amount of lecture-style talks. The best way to get contribute to the Retreat is through leading an Unconference session to dive deep into topics with your peers. Your company can also get involved by creating co-branded giveaways, donating some of your product, or sponsoring the Retreat(see details of each above).

Have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to the B Corp Community on the Champions Retreat B Hive Group or shoot the B Lab team an email here.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Tickets are 100% refundable until August 1, 2018. After this date, tickets may be transferred to another employee in your organization by e-mailing us, or through our ticketing platform. Directions on how to transfer tickets may be found here

No-shows will not be refunded for any reason.